September 13, 2018
Justice AR-800A Auto Refractometer
September 13, 2018
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Vantage Plus LED Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Vantage Plus LED wireless Indirect Ophthalmoscope
Indirect Ophthalmoscope, I.O
Brand Keeler
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We are delighted to present the new, exclusive Vantage Plus LED
The LED cooler colour provides brighter, whiter illumination, longer battery life, and freedom from purchasing bulbs. The LED life expectancy is up to 10,000 hours.
Clinically, the superior optics combined with the LED illumination could provide greater detail, allowing you to find retinal pathology that was not visible with the Xenon bulb BIO’s
New Premium intelligent optics (IOS) (patent pending)
Light weight & well balanced for maximum comfort
Unique Wireless patented technology
Small & compact
Hi-Mag attachment
Rubber eye cap
Slimline Li Polymer Battery
Charging unit
Lens cloth
Instructions CD


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