Matronix Auto Refractometer Q30+
Matronix Autorefractometer Q30+
September 13, 2018
September 13, 2018
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Ophthalmoscope Student Combo

Ophthalmoscope Student Combo
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Quick & Easy dial up with unique Morton Lens Track
Slimmer Design & Comfortable Fit
50% Lighter & 30% brighter than previous models
Widest Lens range – +44D to -45D

Professional Retinoscope
Whether you love Streak or Spot, the Keeler Professional Combi Retinoscope offers the best of both worlds.
Unique optical design provides the first truly bimodal Retinoscope with just a quick bulb change.
Keeler Professional Streak now available with LED bulb unit
Interchangeable soft brow rest for spectacle wearers.
Specialist ophthalmoscope
Professional retinoscope
2 Lithium Handles
Spare bulbs
Protective case
Instructions CD

Kit Comprises:
Specialist Ophthalmoscope
Redesigned making it without doubt the best engineered ophthalmoscope in the world.
Precision optics, versatile features and practical ergonomics make it the number one choice for ophthalmic practitioners.
Re-engineered optics give 30% more Xenon illumination making it ideal to view through cloudy media and cataracts etc.


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