Justice AR-800A Auto Refractometer
September 13, 2018
Matronix Digital Auto Lensmeter SLK 5600
Matronix Digital Auto Lensmeter SLK- 5600
September 13, 2018
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Justice AR-810A Auto Refractometer

Justice AR-810A Auto Refractometer
Autoref, Autorefractor
Brand Justice
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Measuring Range
Pupil Distance 30~85mm(1mm steps)
Vertex Distance 0mm,12mm,13.75mm,15mm
Min. Pupil Size 2.0mm
Chart Auto fog
Display 5 .7″TFT LCD
Print Thermal Printer
Auto Tracing Function Range ±16mm(up and down direction only)
PowerSupply 100∽120v/200∽240v,50/60Hz
DIMENSIONGS 68 x 46 x 64cm

1. With Auto-tracing feature, operator can adjust the focus and alignment in up and down directions.
2. With Auto video taping feature, operator can take measurements automatically once equipment obtains satisfactory focus and alignment.
3. With Servo Chin-Rest, operator can adjust height of Chin-rest easily.
4. Display is tilt-adjustable.
5. Printer has a paper auto-cut feature.


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