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September 13, 2018
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Matronix Digital Auto Lensmeter SLK- 5600

Matronix Digital Auto Lensmeter SLK- 5600
Digital Autolensometer
Autolensometer, Slk 5600
Brand Matronix
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The ISO standard green LED measurement light in wavelength of 545 nm.
Measurement of lens without any number of setting.
The instrument make measurement more rapid, stable and accurate.
Accurately measure color lens with transmittance of 10%.
Automatically identify the type of lens and automatically switch measurement mode with more convenient measurement of multi-focal lens.
Sphere Lens: ±25.00 D
Contact Lens: ±25.00 D
Lens Diameter: 15 mm – 100 mm
Dot Method: Ink Tube
Type : Digital Auto Lensmeter
Power (AC) : 220 V
Power Consumption : 40 W
Dimension (WxDxH) : 194 x 210 x 408 mm
Weight (Kg) : 3.6 Kg


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